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Brainfm features patterns designed to alter your brain state through entrainment, resulting in music that not only sounds unique but also impacts you in a way distinct from any other music.

Brainfm Music
Brainfm Conducting Performance

Conducting Performance Tests with Placebo Controls

Our music is evaluated using straightforward 'games' commonly employed in psychology research to assess focused attention. In our experiments, we always incorporate a control group that experiences the same music but without Brainfm AI technology. This ensures that any observed improvements are genuinely due to our technology.

Studying Brain's Electrical Activity: EEG Research

Electroencephalography tracks variations in electrical currents at the scalp, revealing the rhythmic activity of the brain ('brainwaves') and how these patterns are influenced by music.

Brain's Electrical Activity
Brain Blood Flow

Examining Brain Blood Flow: fMRI Research Studies

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) tracks blood flow in the brain, indicating which regions and functional networks become more active when exposed to music compared to other types of music.

Patented Neural Phase Locking Technology

Brainfm possesses patented technology designed for robust neural phase locking, which enables groups of neurons to participate in synchronized activities. This distinctive feature makes our music uniquely crafted to guide you into a specific mental state.

Distraction-Free Music: Unlike conventional music that's often designed to capture your attention and can lead to distractions, our approach is different. We ensure that any attention-grabbing elements are toned down or eliminated, allowing the music to seamlessly blend into the background

Brainfm is distinct from 'binaural beats':Binaural beats result in relatively weak neural synchronization, whereas modulation directly within each stereo channel, as utilized by, has a much more potent impact on brain activity. Crucially, employs a variety of techniques to ensure the effectiveness of our music, in contrast to binaural beats, which rely solely on one method.

Neural Phase Locking Technology
Crafted Using Science

Crafted Using Science, Validated Through Scientific Testing

Our approach at uniquely incorporates science both in the creation and the testing of our music. We apply neuroscience principles to develop our compositions and then rigorously test the outcomes scientifically. This dual application of science distinguishes us from any other music service.

Combining Human Empathy with Scientific Accuracy: Music created solely by AI can feel impersonal and dull, whereas music composed by humans resonates emotionally but may not possess the specific qualities necessary to directly influence your brain. bridges this gap by infusing scientifically-informed elements into human-composed music, offering you a harmonious blend of emotional resonance and scientific precision.

Brainfm offers a unique auditory experience that impacts you distinctively: Our scientifically driven approach produces music that not only sounds distinctive but also uniquely influences your brain and performance. This stands in contrast to services that merely compile pre-existing music, which wasn't initially designed with these specific purposes in mind.

Explore Our Scientific Research

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Implementing Headphone Screening for Enhanced Web-Based Auditory Research
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Our science-driven method produces music that not only sounds unique but also impacts your brain in a way that's distinct from any other music.

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