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Brain.fm is a scientifically validated music solution designed to elevate focus, enhance sleep quality, and more. Our innovative approach leverages sound to modulate your brainwave patterns, facilitating rapid transitions into deep concentration or quicker onset of sleep. Plus, introducing our new ADHD mode for even greater effectiveness!

Brainfm Music
Brainfm AI music

What is Brain.fm?

Brain.fm is an innovative application that utilizes algorithms to create tailor-made sounds, assisting you in concentrating on various tasks. By blending human expertise with artificial intelligence, the company produces music and other auditory experiences that expedite your transition into a focused state and support your sustained focus. These customized sounds encompass a wide spectrum, from soothing lofi music to nature-inspired audio, and you have the flexibility to fine-tune them to suit your personal preferences.

How Brain.fm Works

Let's delve deeper into the mechanics of Brain.fm, so you can grasp why it surpasses the effectiveness of random study music found in your YouTube recommendations.

The initial sound designs within the app are crafted by real humans. However, Brain.fm's patented algorithms refine and optimize these sounds to better influence brain activity, fostering a state of heightened focus.

Before these tracks are officially incorporated into the app, they undergo rigorous testing in large-scale experiments, comparing them against placebos to ensure they produce the desired effects.

So, when a track makes its way into the app, you can have confidence in its authenticity. It's also evident that Brain.fm places a strong emphasis on scientific rigor, as demonstrated by the comprehensive information provided here.

How Brain.fm Works
Brain.fm Usage Options

Brain.fm Usage Options

Brain.fm offers four distinct "modes" tailored for various activities:

  1. Focus
  2. Relax
  3. Sleep
  4. Meditate

In the Focus mode, you can engage in activities such as:

  • Writing, strategizing, creative tasks, or deep work
  • Studying
  • Reading

The Relax mode is ideal for:

  • Recharging between work sessions
  • Unwinding and de-stressing after work

The Sleep and Meditate modes provide a unique experience, featuring both calming sounds and guided mindfulness sessions.

Genuine Science Delivering Exceptional Outcomes

At Brainfm AI, our scientists collaborate with academic institutions to conduct research and monitor the impact of our technology on the brain through fMRI and EEG studies. To confirm that our technology is the key factor in these results, we consistently incorporate placebo groups in our experiments.

Brainfm - real science with extraordinary results
brainfm focus music

Experience peak productivity whenever you need it.

Brainfm's focus music is crafted to enhance your work efficiency. It subtly merges into the background, allowing you to concentrate without distractions. Additionally, it incorporates soft rhythmic beats in the music that stimulate the brain, aiding in maintaining consistent attention.

In contrast, conventional music often seeks to capture your attention, which can impede your ability to think and work effectively, sometimes without you even noticing. Brainfm AI's functional music, however, is fundamentally designed to influence your brain and maximize your performance.

Join the millions who are focusing on demand with Brainfm AI.

BELLA with Brainfm


I found out about Brainfm from a podcast, decided to give it a shot, and ended up completing the design of an e-commerce website in just a few hours – a task that normally would take me days.

DAVE with Brainfm


Brainfm has been a game-changer in enhancing my focus at work. It offers timed music specifically designed to boost my concentration!

COURTNEY with Brainfm


Gave it a go today! The deep work classical station hit the spot. It was just what I needed and much simpler than putting together my own playlists.

BASSEM with Brainfm


I received a free trial of Brainfm AI from my workplace and, as I'm writing this tweet, I'm genuinely thinking about dropping my Spotify subscription for this app! It's effective, incredibly so.

DAVEYST with Brainfm


"Brainfm is a great tool for maintaining focus for extended periods, especially when surrounded by distractions and chaos that can hinder my progress. It's definitely worth trying if you're prone to distractions or are in a noisy setting.

BRIAN with Brainfm


I rate Brainfm a perfect 10/10 on the NPS scale. If you're looking to power through some work, you should definitely give it a try

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Our science-driven method produces music that not only sounds unique but also impacts your brain in a way that's distinct from any other music.

Brainfm - real science with extraordinary results

Frequently asked questions

How To Use Brainfm AI?

Step 01 - Upon your initial login to the app, you'll be prompted to choose a "mode": Focus, Relax, Sleep, or Meditate. (After using Brain.fm for some time, the home page will include shortcuts to frequently used app settings, allowing you to skip the rest of the instructions.)

Step 02 - Once you've selected your mode or mood, you can specify the duration of your session and the type of activity you plan to engage in.

For Focus, you can choose from options like deep work, creative flow, study & reading, and light work.
In the Relax mode, options include chill, recharge, destress, and unwind.
For Sleep, you can select deep sleep music, guided sleep assistance, sleep & wake cycle, or wind down.
Meditate offers choices between unguided or guided meditation.

Step 03 - At this stage, your focus session will commence, but you can further customize settings.

Step 04 - You have the flexibility to adjust the timer at any moment, including activating "infinite" mode to remove time constraints.

Step 05 - The app allows you to fine-tune the music genre, offering a variety of styles (acoustic, cinematic, electronic, piano, post-rock) and environmental sounds (beach, forest, rain, river, thunder, wind).

Step 06 - You can also modify the neural effect, lowering it if you're sensitive to auditory stimuli or increasing it if you have ADHD (a setting I commonly use while working).

That covers the essentials of using the app! You can also enable push notifications for reminders, though I haven't personally tested them. The only feature I wish it had, but unfortunately does not, is deeper integration with iOS and MacOS functionalities. It would be fantastic to use Brain.fm with home screen widgets, Shortcuts, and Apple's own Focus Modes.

What makes Brainfm AI effective in enhancing focus?

Brainwaves vary in speed (measured in Hz), and scientists typically categorize them into four groups, each linked to specific mental states:

  1. ** Delta (0.5-4 Hz): Associated with deep sleep
  2. ** Theta (4-8 Hz): Linked to light sleep and deep relaxation
  3. ** Alpha (8-12 Hz): Corresponds to relaxed wakefulness, creativity, and meditation
  4. ** Beta (12-30 Hz): Tied to active thinking, problem-solving, and focus

Brainfm Ai approach involves pinpointing the ideal Hz range for a desired mental state and incorporating this into volume fluctuations within certain segments of our music. This method prompts your brain to amplify brainwaves that match or are close to the patterns embedded in our music.
This technique not only boosts brainwave activity but also synchronizes your brainwaves across different regions of your brain. This synchronization aids in harmonizing various brain parts, facilitating more efficient collaboration.
It might seem far-fetched, but our approach is grounded in solid research. We've published numerous papers, conducted rigorous studies, and even received funding from the National Science Foundation to advance our research.
In essence, Brainfm AI offers a scientifically validated, safe method to 'hack' your brain and deliberately control your mental state using sound.

Does this operate in the same way as binaural beats?

Brainfm AI differs from binaural beats, although there are some similarities. It's crucial to note that binaural beats were discovered in 1839 and became popular in the 1970s, with little evolution since then.
You might consider Brainfm AI as an advanced version of binaural beats, or 'binaural beats 2.0'. We've built upon the foundational concept of binaural beats, integrating modern neuroscience and auditory processing knowledge to develop a more effective and potent tool.
Key differences include:

  • ** Binaural beats primarily influence the lower brain regions, which are not directly involved in thinking or creativity.
  • ** Brainfm AI, on the other hand, targets the prefrontal cortex, the brain's hub for thinking and creativity.
  • ** Binaural beats require undamaged hearing in both ears and high-quality headphones for effectiveness.
  • ** Brainfm AI is effective whether you use one or both ears, doesn't mandate the use of headphones, and isn't reliant on your ability to hear specific frequencies.
  • ** Most crucially, Brainfm AI employs multiple methods to ensure the efficacy of our music, as opposed to binaural beats, which rely on a single technique.

What is the size of your scientific research studies?

Our research and testing involve hundreds of participants, and we consistently include placebo groups to ensure that it's not merely the music, but the specific technology within it that enhances focus.
For more details, including our published papers and supporting research, visit https://brainfmai.com/science.

Is this service exclusively designed for individuals with ADHD?

Brain.fm is particularly beneficial for individuals with ADHD or attention challenges, but its advantages extend to those outside of this category as well.
Our app features various neural effect levels to cater to different needs.
Some brains need just a slight nudge to kickstart and maintain focus, while others might need more assistance. By adjusting these levels based on a few straightforward questions within our app, most users can find their optimal focus 'sweet spot'.
In today's fast-paced world, it's fair to say that nearly everyone experiences focus difficulties at some point.

What makes this more effective for enhancing focus compared to regular music?

Our research indicates that while regular music can boost focus initially, this effect tends to wane, leading to a decrease in mental performance over time. In contrast, Brain.fm sustains your focus by continuously prompting your brainwaves to align with patterns conducive to concentration. Moreover, Brain.fm's approach reduces the time spent skipping songs you don't enjoy or searching for the next appealing track, further aiding in maintaining focus.

What are the best ways to optimize Brain.fm for my personal use?

To identify your unique neurotype and the optimal settings for you on Brain.fm, several factors are considered. Upon signing up, you'll be prompted to take a brief quiz. This assists us in fine-tuning the music, ensuring that the specialized patterns within it neither bore nor over-stimulate your brain.

Where is the music sourced from in Brain.fm?

Our music is created by a team of full-time composers who craft original compositions guided by our research. This approach allows us to have greater control over the delivery of custom patterns to your brain through the music, ensuring it is both effective and pleasing to listen to.

What platforms are compatible with Brain.fm?

The application is accessible on all desktop and laptop computers, as well as through dedicated apps for iOS and Android devices.

What is the pricing for Brain.fm?

Following the complimentary trial period, the standard subscription rate for the app is $6.99 per month or $47.94 annually. However, readers of Work Brighter have the opportunity to receive a 20% discount on their subscription by applying the promotional code 'work-brighter'.

Does Brain.fm Utilize Binaural Beats?

No, Brain.fm does not employ binaural beats. As far as I'm aware, the claimed significant advantages of binaural beats are largely based on anecdotal evidence and fall into the category of speculative biohacking.

Has Brain.fm Been Scientifically Validated for Aiding ADHD?

No, there is no experimental proof meeting Brain.fm's stringent scientific standards that it assists with ADHD. They are very cautious about making such claims, adding to my trust in them over other alternatives. It's important to note that my insights in this post are based on personal experience and should be considered anecdotal, not scientific evidence. However, I have observed a personal improvement in my ability to concentrate on tasks for extended periods while using Brain.fm. They are also actively exploring ways to enhance the app and its music to be more conducive for individuals with ADHD.

Is Brain.fm an AI tool?

Yes, Brain.fm is an AI tool. It uses artificial intelligence to create music that's designed to enhance focus, relaxation, and sleep. The AI analyzes neural patterns and structures its music to help induce specific mental states, making it a unique application of AI in the audio and wellness space.

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