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monthly pricing $9.99


Get unlimited access to's entire library for a month at just $9.99. Enjoy the full suite of scientifically-crafted music designed to improve your focus, relaxation, and sleep, anytime and anywhere, with this affordable monthly subscription.


Experience the full range of's scientifically designed music with an annual subscription of $69.99. This 12-month package offers unlimited access, ensuring a year filled with enhanced focus, relaxation, and better sleep at a great value.

monthly pricing $69.99


Unlimited Sessions

Enjoy the freedom of Unlimited Sessions with Dive into an endless stream of scientifically-crafted music designed to boost focus, enhance relaxation, and improve sleep, available anytime you need it.
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Access All Categories

Gain full access to all categories in the library. Explore a wide range of scientifically designed music tracks tailored for enhancing focus, promoting relaxation, and improving sleep. Whatever your mental state needs, find a category to match it
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Offline Access

Experience the convenience of Offline Access with Download your favorite tracks and listen anytime, anywhere, without the need for an internet connection. Ideal for maintaining your focus, relaxation, or sleep routines, even when you're on the go
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Frequently asked questions

Am I bound by a contract?

Certainly not! You have the freedom to cancel anytime either through your Account Overview or by reaching out to us at

Will my payment be processed securely?

Absolutely! Brainfm prioritizes security by mandating HTTPS for all services. Our payments are handled by Stripe, a globally renowned payment provider with the highest level of certification in the industry. Rest assured, we do not store your credit card or billing information on our servers and are committed to maintaining the utmost privacy for our customers.

Is this based on binaural beats technology?

No, Brainfm does not utilize binaural beats. Dr. Gerald Oster, credited with popularizing binaural beats, ultimately refuted their therapeutic applications, though the concept persists in pop science. employs a distinct, patented approach that involves acoustic modulation, along with various other sound features specifically designed to facilitate targeted mental states. For instance, our sleep music incorporates 3D spatialization to create a calming auditory motion effect, akin to 'rocking', and our focus music is carefully crafted to filter out high frequencies that might be distracting

How does the science work behind Brainfm?

Brainfm's operations are supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF-STTR#1720698). Research conducted by, as well as additional relevant literature, can be accessed here.

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